Nov 05

Presentation of the “SeaHealth” project at the 2nd Workshop of EU Research & Innovation Maritime Projects”

In the framework of the “2nd Workshop of EU Research & Innovation Maritime Projects” organized by DANAOS, the team of the “SeaHealth” project presented its aims and scope to members of the maritime community from the contact network of DANAOS. The workshop aimed to present similar projects that are implemented with European funding and are addressed to the maritime industry.

The maritime community in our country, besides its dominant position in shipping management and ship ownership, is particularly active and innovatively leads the genuine and applied research of the digital transformation of the industry. It participates in dozens of multinational research projects with funding of hundreds of millions of Euros from the EU, focused on sectors and cutting-edge technologies such as energy efficiency, zero emissions, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cybersecurity, augmented reality, VR, MR, circular economy, biomimetic, alternate fuels or energy sources, nanotechnology applications, blockchain, deep learning, IoT, autonomy, intelligent drones, resilience, simulation, emulation, gamification, optimization, next generation propulsion, life cycle cost assessment etc.


At the workshop, twenty projects in progress were presented by their representatives, with 150+ participants from all over Europe, with the aim of informing on the current trends and new technologies, disseminating knowledge and on the other hand maintaining and further promoting Greece’s position in the international arena, inviting and challenging at the same time new members in the research community.

The event was attended by over 100 participants from the Greek maritime, academic, technology and research community. This shows the great interest in research activity directed to innovation applied in shipping and reflects the value that these ventures are placing on how to really create a more efficient and more dynamic future for the shipping sector.



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