A study published in 2013 in the International Maritime Health journal, which sampled 23,299 commercial ships with 420,000 crewmembers, found that one in five ships is forced to divert course for medical reasons each year, at a total cost of $168m to the industry.

Health problems, occupational illnesses and acute events requiring medical intervention are more common among seafarers than the general population.

However, access to medical services is not just difficult but practically impossible at sea, especially on long journeys. The level of care provided is lower than the relevant standards, leading to increased morbidity and costs.

The research project “Elearning platform for Seafarers for first aid and health issues”- SeaHealth (Υγεία εν πλω) through the Operational Program Competitiveness,  Entrepreneurship and Innovation under the call RESEARCH –CREATE –INNOVATE will be implemented from SQLearn and Danaos Management Consultants in collaboration with the 1stOtolaryngology Clinic of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UOA).


The aim of the project is the development of an asynchronous training platform that includes elementary basic knowledge, examples, video, animation as well as realistic scenarios through which onboard personnel will receive credible and structured knowledge on how to deal with medical incidents on board.

The emphasis will be on the tangible and comprehensible explanation of the necessary knowledge, the ability to identify and describe symptoms, to provide first aid and to assess the circumstances that require further care due to life risk or the possibility of permanent harm. Patient approach and treatment algorithms will be taught by the use of the most advanced e-learning methods and trainees will be assessed through real life scenarios in order to be certified.

The performance of the learners will be tested in two cycles and the results of the evaluation will be integrated into the platform. Seafarers will be involved in the design phase while the platform will be used.

At the end of the project, this platform will be fully developed and tested in the training of seafarers and will therefore be ready for commercial use at a global level.

The commercial exploitation of the platform is a key priority and will be facilitated by the excellent networking of two partners of the consortium who have been active for years in shipping industry and particularly in the development of computing and education systems with over 500 active companies in their clientele.


  1. The recording of acute medical incidents on board and occupational illnesses of seafarers, their evaluation and the search for best possible interventions, improving health services and enhancing prevention.
  2. The development of a training platform on health and care issues for seafarers with the use of e-learning libraries from Dolphin Platforms of SQLearn.
  3. The training and evaluation from seafarers who will be asked to evaluate the new platform with the aim of its improvement before its placement on the market.
  4. The development of a synchronous and asynchronous intervention platform, with image and sound, to transfer as much and more reliable information to medical personnel ashore to provide medical advice.
  5. Test the platform on board.
  6. The dissemination and commercial exploitation of the platform globally.


SQLearn was founded in 2006 and is the most dynamically developing Greek company with exclusive expertise in the provision of e-learning services.

The company, driven by the components of progressive thinking, innovative action and high-tech, which led SQLearn to be established among the top e-learning companies, invests a significant portion of its profitability in cutting-edge technologies and in human resources.

SQLearn’s core purpose is the mutually beneficial collaborations, with companies and organizations mainly characterized by a large number of employees and scattered branches/branch offices. The suite of our services can address the needs of a wide range of businesses and organizations, both in Greece and abroad, offering the most reliable solutions for e-learning.

SQLearn develops and supports educational solutions using new technologies and communication and learning tools to ensure the efficiency and the effectiveness of each client’s investment. The products and services of the company, based on the principles of pedagogy and through the educational design of hardware for e-learning applications, allow the user to interact directly with the educational material.

The 1st University Department of Otorhinolaryngology was established in 1939 at the General Hospital of Athens and is the largest Department of Otorhinolaryngology in the country (www.entuoa.gr).

Its activities include regular and urgent outpatient surgeries, a daily surgery program, over 800 interventions per year, an audiology laboratory with more than 4500 paraclinical examinations annual, as well as special clinics such as Voice and Swallowing Clinic, Performing Arts and Music Clinic, Rhinitis Clinic, Audiology-Neurotology Clinic, and Oncology Clinic in association with the Oncology Council.

The major academic activity is the training of medical students in the obligatory course of Otorhinolaryngology, while furthermore, it supports two postgraduate programs entitled Audiology-Neurotology, and Disease of the nose, maxillofacial area and cranial base.

Parallel, the Department has participated in total nine research programs, six of which have been financed by the European Union.

The 1st University Otorhinolaryngology Clinic has a prolonged tradition of offering high-quality facilities to patients and significant training for medical students.

“DANAOS SPECIAL CONSULTANTS SA” (DANAOS) has been active for over 35 years in the development of shipping software offering integrated business management solutions that extend vertically and horizontally to all activities of a maritime entity. DANAOS ‘clientele is now reaching 500 active companies around the world, while company ship management information systems have been installed on over 5000 ships of all types and classes. DANAOS is a pioneer in the development and management of applications and technology solutions that innovate and deliver added value to the operation of the shipping industry.

DANAOS supports applied operational research with the ultimate goal of implementing best management practices for the shipping business. The research center of DANAOS has been active for many years in both European and Hellenic research and innovation projects. Indicatively, it could be illustrated DANAOS participation in the conglomeration of research and technology organizations focused on research and technology actions under the “Cooperation 2011” program with a contribution to three projects of increased expectations and high financing (MARIBRAIN, AMINESS, ECOMARINE). DANAOS’s research work has been recognized both internationally and domestically, with direct reference to the first prize for Applied Research and Innovation that was awarded to DANAOS in the framework of the “Greece Innovates” competition in 2011.



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